Construction Requirements

  • Contact City Hall about city zoning and building codes before starting any type of construction on your property. 

  • No buildings, structures, pools, drive/parking areas, fences or play structures are to be built in city without approved permit.

  • All building structures are to comply with size and height restrictions, building codes and yard set backs

    • Front and/or Side facing Street:  60 ft

    • Side:  30 ft

    • Back:  30 ft

    • Accessory Structures:  5 ft from property line

  • Attach separate sheet(s) showing plot plan with location of construction and distances to all lot lines. Also attach architectural drawings or other scale drawings of proposed construction.

  • Complete the Application for Building Permit form and turn it in at City Hall, along with applicable fees.


T: 816.741.6688

F: 816.741.4261

Email City Hall


T: 816.741.7973

Opt 1:  Duty Officer

Opt 2:  Investigation

Opt 3:  Voicemail

Email PW Police

*Forms may be downloaded, printed, and dropped into secure mailbox to left of City Hall front door, if desired.