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Court FAQs

  • If I had insurance at the time of the stop, do I have to appear in court?

    • No, you can bring it, fax or mail the proof of insurance to the Court by the assigned court date.  Once coverage is verified with the Insurance Company, the ticket will be dismissed.

  • If I was not covered with insurance at the time of the stop but have it now, do I still have to appear in court?

    • No, you can fax, mail or bring your proof of insurance to the Court by the assigned court date.  Insurance coverage will have to be verified.  The total owed in fines/costs will need to be included.  If it can't be verified, then you will be required to appear in court.

  • What forms of payment does the Court accept?

    • Cash, Cashier's Check or Money Order

    • We do not accept Personal Checks at this time

    • Credit card payments may be paid online, click here

  • My son or daughter can't make it to court, can I come in and plead guilty for them?

    • No.  The individual that received the citation must be in court to plead their case.

    • If they can't make it, then call or send and email to the Court requesting a continuance.

  • Do I need an attorney?

    • You have the right to retain an attorney to represent you.  You are not required to retain counsel; however, the court personnel, judge, and city prosecutor cannot dispense legal advice, advise you how to plead, or tell you what your sentence will be if you plead guilty.

  • If I have already had one continuance, how do I get an additional continuance?

    • You will need to appear in court and ask the Judge for a continuance.  The policy of the court is you can have one continuance by phone or email, and anything after that you must come to court and ask the Judge.

  • Is this a misdemeanor?

    • No, charges filed in the Municipal Court are City or ordinance violations.

  • Can the Judge amend my ticket?

    • No, only the City Prosecutor, through your legal counsel, can amend a charge.

  • When is my ticket due?

    • If your citation is payable without a court appearance, you can mail in the payment or walk in the payment to the City Hall on or before the court date listed on the citation.  If it's not payable without a court appearance, you are required to appear on the court date listed on your citation and/or bond receipt.

  • How many points are on my license?

    • The Municipal Court cannot tell how many points are on your license.  You may contact the Missouri Department of Revenue at 573.526.2407 to find out about non-personal information such as traffic tickets and suspension/revocation related information.

  • Can I plead "No Contest?"

    • Pleas of No Contest or Nolo Contendere are not allowed in Missouri courts.

  • Can I receive a Public Defender?

    • "Public Defenders" are referred to as Court Appointed Attorneys in the Platte Woods Municipal Court.  They are not part of the Missouri Public Defenders office.  If the City Prosecutor is requesting you be sentenced to a jail term for the violation for which you have been accused, the Judge will notify you before you enter a plea.  If a jail term is possible as part of your sentence and you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint you an attorney.  There is no constitutional right to appoint an attorney if jail is not part of your sentence.

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