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Key City Ordinances

(Copies of regulations and City maps available during business hours at City Hall)

  • All noise making and aerial fireworks are prohibited.

  • Excessive noise levels from vehicles and equipment is prohibited in the City of Platte Woods.

  • Dogs are limited to 3 per household and must be confined to owner’s yard or be leashed when off property.  Barnyard animals are banned. 

  • Homes must be maintained in good condition and free of broken windows, deteriorated roofs, chipped/peeling paint.

  • Lots in Residential and Business zones shall be kept looking nice, free of dead trees, free of piles of yard waste, tall grass or weeds, junk, construction & other debris, don't interfere with natural drainage creating stagnant water, posting of signs, or public safety threat.

  • Maximum number of wheeled vehicles (ie: cars, trucks, boats, trailers, RVs) in Residential zone is limited to 5 per household, must be actively licensed and must be parked on approved drives or parking areas >100 feet from next nearest residential structure at all times.  

  • Parking in City for motor vehicles is limited for on-street by posted signs.  Parking on lots is restricted to approved hard surfaces and within other restrictions listed. Motor vehicles in Business zone are limited by number per amount of business space and in the time interval they can be parked.

  • Businesses are confined to commercial Zone B; Home-Based Businesses are limited by City Code and restricted signage.

  • Open burning of anything is prohibited, excluding fire pits.  Fire pits are restricted to 30 inches in diameter and placed more than 8 feet from any structure.  Grills/Smokers are excluded.


Updated on July 25, 2018

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