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Intro to City

Platte Woods is a city within Platte County, Missouri.  Its governing body consists of the Mayor and a four-member Board of Aldermen that covers two wards.  Other decision making bodies include the Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Adjustment, and the following committees:  Administration, Finances, Public Works and Public Safety.  City Hall staff includes a City Administrator and a Municipal Court Clerk.  


Platte Woods City Hall is located at 6750 NW Tower Drive.  Platte Woods Police Department and Platte Woods Municipal Court are also located at this address.  

Platte Woods, with zip code 64151, is ranked among the safest neighborhoods in Kansas City.  It is 74 percent safer than all U.S. neighborhoods. The list is made up of two types of neighborhoods – highly affluent city neighborhoods or modest-income neighborhoods with tightly-knit working-class families.

Population 420

172 Homes

Platte Woods is divided into Two Wards (see attached map)

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